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  1. EUROPEAN UNION Directives which EU member states are required to incorporate into their own legislation. For example, The Fourth Directive introduced standardized formats for presenting company accounts; the Seventh Directive tightened up the requirements relating to group accounts; the Eighth Directive dealt with the qualifications of auditors.
  2. a request' by the monetary authorities that the COMMERCIAL BANKS and other financial institutions should limit the amount of LOANS and OVERDRAFTS they make available, in order to control spending in the economy. See MONETARY POLICY for further details.
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directive (bank)

an instrument of MONETARY POLICY involving the control of bank lending as a means of regulating the MONEY SUPPLY. If, for example, the monetary authorities wish to lower the money supply, they can ‘direct’ the banks to reduce the total amount of loan finance made available to personal and corporate borrowers. A reduction in bank lending can be expected to lead to a multiple contraction of bank deposits and, hence, a fall in the money supply. See BANK DEPOSIT CREATION.
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The bank has been under directions since June 12, 2014 vide directive dated June 4, 2014 issued under Section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (AACS).
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, thank you for the opportunity to join with other stakeholder organizations on August 6, 2015, to review and offer comments on five draft research credit directives being considered for joint release by LB&I and the Small Business and Self Employed Division.
According to EC press release issued today, the Directives amended through Directive 2013/25/EU are: Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications, Directive 77/249/EEC to facilitate the effective exercise by lawyers of freedom to provide services and Directive 74/557 EEC on the attainment of freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services in respect of activities of self-employed persons and of intermediaries engaging in the trade and distribution of toxic products.
Over 300 parents with children with chronic diseases seen at outpatient clinics were asked about their knowledge of advance directives, their preferences on discussing them, and their child's past and current health status.
The Council of Ministers finally adopted, on 5 December, the directive that lays down health standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation.
The Commission has addressed the issue of not fully transposing the Directives in the three countries by sending letters of formal notice in September 2011.
Those changes include an expansion of the scope of advance health care directives to include mental health care.
This article has highlighted some of the more confusing aspects of working with the Machinery Directive. It has to be said, however, that these are just a few of the 'banana skins' lurking in the depths of European and UK directives and regulations.
Providing information regarding timely and cost-effective compliance with related directives, for example the Low-Voltage Directive and EMC Directive
Throughout the statement of the research problem and review of the literature, Connell and Mallory (2007) highlighted that nurses repeatedly have indicated their limited knowledge as well as limited comfort when talking to patients about advance directives. However, the discussion supporting these claims was limited to the inclusion of advance directives content into nursing educational programs as well as continuing education opportunities.
homes to become "zero carbon"; and, the revision of the waste framework directive.

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