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One area of focus Wehner called out is direct response advertising in Stories.
Media Analytics today announced its SMARTview and SMARTlink measurement services - a suite of syndicated services that measure census-level data of household viewing of direct response advertising on television screens, and analyzes downstream consumer cross-screen behavior and engagement in real time.
Product Sales--Direct Marketing or Direct Response Advertising
Bengaluru - Twitter reported quarterly revenue that fell short of Wall Street estimates and cut its full-year forecast because of weak demand for its new direct response advertising, sending shares down as much as 24 per cent on Tuesday.
"With this step, Facebook is becoming even more firmly established as a major player in direct response advertising, and though this test is still only a test, it's a definite sign that Facebook wants to restart its efforts to become an e-commerce company as well," she said.
The company added the increase in sales was primarily due to its continued emphasis on its direct response advertising campaign to obtain new customers and its customer service to maximize the reorder rates for its recurring customer base.
13 June 2012 - US digital direct response advertising agency Clash Group said today it had bought British coupon comparison website operator Vendari Limited for an undisclosed amount.
But because only about 10% of consumers will order a product by phone or via the Internet, the direct response advertising campaign serves to create pent-up demand for the products.
While this remains the case today, more cost-effective, results-oriented public relations firms and ubiquitous social-media platforms have enabled companies to maintain brand awareness on some level, while focusing the lion's share of their marketing budget on direct response advertising.
Then, within days Google's stranglehold of the online advertising market was called into question when brands including O2, Vodafone and Fiat announced they were dedicating spend to Facebook, as they moved to ramp up direct response advertising.
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