Direct foreign investment

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Direct foreign investment (DFI)

Investment in real assets (such as land, buildings, or plants) outside one's own country.

Foreign Direct Investment

A major investment by a foreign corporation. A common example of foreign direct investment is a situation in which a foreign company comes into a country to build or buy a factory. Many economists believe that foreign direct investment is good for an economy, as it provides jobs and increases domestic capital. Critics point out that profits from foreign direct investment usually leave the country and go to the foreign company. Encouraging foreign direct investment is a major part of some IMF restructuring programs.
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The new estimates for the region come after it experienced a drop of 42 percent in direct foreign investment to $76.
The bulk of direct foreign investment in the April-September period was made through acquisitions of shares in Japanese companies, which rose 25.
James Kelly, assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, also urged Japan to dispose of bad loans at banks and attract more direct foreign investments while welcoming Koizumi's economic reform efforts.
But during the next few years, South Africa will need enormous direct foreign investment, particularly in computers, electronics and communications.
The transaction cost framework explains the preference for licensing over direct foreign investment at the firm level (Hennart, 1990).
This represents a solution, but it also creates pressure on paying the instalments and interests of these debts with double the amount of Egypt's dollar resources due to the declined tourism, direct foreign investment, and exports.
The countries, which had made rapid progress and development, had encouraged direct foreign investment as their Governments, political leadership and economists knew that foreign investment might go to other countries in case of unnecessary criticism and litigation on foreign funded projects, poor law and order situation and political instability in the country.
Dubai -- Saudi Arabian stocks retreated the most in more than a month after the Opec's biggest oil exporter opened its equity market to direct foreign investment for the first time.
Representatives from the federal and county level from most of the 50 states plan to attend the summit and can be in direct contact with investors to inform them of direct foreign investment opportunities.
In May 2014 the direct foreign investment in Bulgaria amounted to EUR 8.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Economy Minister Behrouz Alishiri announced that the value of direct foreign investment in Iran has witnessed a remarkable growth in the last Iranian year (ended March 20, 2014) by attracting over $3 billion during the same period.
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