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New York: Fitch Ratings believes that the new GASB 88 reporting requirements related to Direct Borrowings and Direct Placements will provide greater transparency and accuracy to the market.
Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire & Direct Placements in Admin.
The firm also provides advisory services in the areas of secondaries, co-investments, joint ventures and direct placements.
The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) released an Exposure Draft (ED) in late June 2017, titled Certain Disclosures Related to Debt, including Direct Borrowings and Direct Placements.
MUSCAT: Oman's government is covering between 60 and 70 percent of this year's budget deficit via international borrowing such as eurobond issues, direct placements of debt and other instruments, the central bank's executive president said.
"Overall we anticipate that revenues for the full year will show modest growth with pre-exceptional profit in line with the prior financial year and that our second-half net direct placements will pick up materially over the first half."
I've placed more direct placements so far this year than I did for all of last year: those have all been credit-related." She believes the slumping job market for credit-related employees of the last few years is over.
The unit helps all age groups with assisted and direct placements designed to enhance the transition from benefit dependency to full time employment.
Because industrial insured exemptions are complete exemptions to the doing-business laws, certain in-state activities by insurers that are prohibited in direct placements are permissible under industrial insured placements.
I don't know how many of you have come to see us for direct placements or private loans on the TIAA side, while at the same time on the CREF equity side somebody is dealing with you in terms of a shareholder proposition or resolution.