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Informal for a debt security issued by the United States government, as opposed to one of its agencies. Perhaps the most prominent example of a direct security is a U.S. Treasury security. Direct securities are considered risk-free because they are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

direct (federal) government obligation

A debt that is backed by the full taxing power of the U.S. government. Direct obligations include Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, and U.S. savings bonds. These investments are generally considered to be of the very highest quality. See also federal agency security.
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MACH's solution is now integrated with our new Commerce Platform bringing simple direct billing to TELUS subscribers in Canada.
The Direct Billing Gateway removes the need for cumbersome Premium Messaging or re-direction to WAP payment pages and through its simple 1-click billing process, increases the likelihood of customers continuing through to purchase.
The Direct Billing Gateway selected by Microsoft was launched by MACH to offer a much more sophisticated and direct billing method by transferring the cost of the application download or in-app purchase directly to users' phone bills.
Our company's genesis was a national SAS 70 Type II reviewed COBRA and Direct Billing administration service provider serving over 4,000 employers.
Founded in 2003, Benaissance has grown into a leader in 'Software as a Service' solutions for COBRA and Direct Billing administrators across the nation.
BSG's processing portfolio now includes LEC invoicing, mobile roaming clearing, direct billing, revenue recovery and credit card processing.
Driven by the leadership of its experienced management team to focus on the basics of providing quality services, AGM supports correctional institutions for inmate calls including specialized call processing, fraud control and validation, automated clearinghouse, pre-paid and direct billing services as well as a user friendly interface.