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As with the visual grades of dimension lumber or structural timbers, the grade description of structural logs is a combination of limits on characteristics that affect strength and characteristics that might affect serviceability for the intended application, but not necessarily strength.
2 or better 2 by 3 dimension lumber is less than or equal to 22.2 mm, it becomes evident that not all 2 by 3's would meet grade No.
Sawing the 2 by 4's slightly over size, and kiln-drying with a top load of 150 to 200 pounds per [ft.sup.2] would likely have improved the yield of dimension lumber.
In-grade lumber testing and design values for dimension lumber. WWPA, Portland, Oregon.
It is likely that there will continue to be high demand for low-grade/quality dimension lumber in China, which has lower domestic demand levels in the U.S.
With contribution of $247,500 from Industry Canada's Aboriginal Business Canada program toward the $585,000 innovation and market expansion, Westbank was able to purchase state-of-the-art equipment that expanded its product line to hardwood flooring, small dimension lumber and prefabricated building panels.
Smaller dimension lumber, such as 5/4s decking, should be applied flat over seating with a framed structural support system.
The treatments compared were: a hare rail control, a 100 percent ground dimension lumber control a ground mix of typical residential materials and a ground mix of 100 percent structural engineered wood products.
Primarily using fast-growing, small-diameter trees the company provides a resource-efficient alternative to traditional dimension lumber, with each product manufactured to maximize performance while minimizing wood's natural, strength reducing defects.
There is hardly anyone in the forest products industry that was not touched by Enron's attempts to redefine markets for everything from dimension lumber to newsprint.
The past two years has seen the emergence of grade-stamped dimension lumber from mills in Fairbanks, Nenana, Tok and points in between.
The company said the businesses strengthen its presence in commercial furnishings, residential furnishings, plastic components and dimension lumber.