diffusion process

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Diffusion process

A conception of the way a stock's price changes that assumes that the price takes on all intermediate values.

diffusion process

the spread of a NEW PRODUCT (or process) through society. Initially, new products tend to be purchased by a small number of pioneering or innovator customers (see PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE) and then by early adopters who begin to purchase the product soon after it has been introduced. In due course the product may become a mass market item with a widespread demand.
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We were all expecting mixing of water sources, instead we found a gas diffusion process that has probably been operating for a long time, said ANSTO environmental researcher Dr Dioni CendEn, who was involved in the organisation of the study, geochemistry analyses, field sampling and the interpretation of results.
In our case, the diffusion process is in the opposite direction from the bubble, which is supposed to be nucleated around the CBA particle, towards the polymer matrix.
These proprietary coatings are applied to ferrous metals and alloys by a patented thermal diffusion process.
diurnal and seasonal periods in the MDT data) is hard to explain since such systemic influences must then create gradients in the diffusion process with diurnal and annual variability.
Role of Compensation Committee in the Diffusion Process
Using an innovation diffusion model developed with these restricted assumptions to predict the product adoption can provide underestimated results and mayn't provide appropriate insight into the product diffusion process.
Greenkote is a patented thermal diffusion process that applies proprietary zinc-based coatings to ferrous metals and alloys.
DWI maps the diffusion process of water and can be a more sensitive means than traditional MRI for detecting tissue abnormalities.
This article introduces a stochastic diffusion model with a double-exponential jump diffusion process that captures both asymmetric rate jumps up and down and also cohort effect in mortality trends.
In this alternative approach aimed at moving beyond the adoption-centered paradigm of diffusion, consumers' usage patterns with products or services they are currently using are important predictors for the diffusion process of new products or services.
The right solution can be achieved only under the investigation of this problem related to diffusion process and its mathematical description.
4 Industry Development Trend 15 Chapter Two Diffusion Process and Solar Diffusion Furnace Cost Structure 19 2.

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