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1. A unit investment trust in which the underlying asset is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That is, diamonds are shares in a closed-end index fund tracking the DJIA. It is traded on the American Stock Exchange. It operates much like an exchange-traded fund, but, like all unit investment trusts, it has an expiration date, while ETFs do not. Its ticker symbol is DIA.

2. A valuable commodity consisting of very hard gem stones used in jewelry and tools. Diamonds may be traded on any of a number of exchanges. See also: Blood diamonds.
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Registered name for interest in a trust that holds all 30 stocks included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Ownership of a Diamond allows an investor to track the DJIA with a single investment. Diamonds are traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol DIA.
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"It is a beautiful diamond left by poor Edmond Dantes, to be sold, and the money divided between his father, Mercedes, his betrothed bride, Fernand, Danglars, and myself.
"There, you see, wife," said the former, "this splendid diamond might all be ours, if we chose!"
To be quite frank, I have had them on my conscience for some time; one couldn't hear so much of the man, and his prize-fighter, and his diamonds, without feeling it a kind of duty to have a go for them; but when it comes to brandishing a revolver and practically challenging the world, the thing becomes inevitable.
Our luck seemed to have deserted us: the owner of the purple diamonds was dining at home and dining at undue length.
We saw Rosenthall come out--saw the glimmer of his diamonds before anything.
My eyes had torn themselves from the round black muzzles, from the accursed diamonds that had been our snare, the pasty pig-face of the over-fed pugilist, and the flaming cheeks and hook nose of Rosenthall himself.
Monkge said this at the Botswana Diamond Artworks Exhibition, which was held in Kanye recently.
The 'Everyday Diamonds' by Malabar Gold and Diamonds gives their customers an opportunity to choose from a variety of diamond jewellery in Mine, Era and Precia brands at different price points, making it possible for every woman to own their favourite piece of diamond jewellery.
ALROSA's total rough and polished diamond sales in January-July 2019 amounted to $1,981.8 million, including $1,948.7 of rough diamonds and $33.1 million of polished diamonds sales.
[ClickPress, Wed Aug 07 2019] Synthetic diamonds are laboratory-developed or research center created diamond, its chemical and physical properties look like to those of actual diamonds.
Rockwell Diamonds Is One Of The Largest Companies In The Diamond Mining Market, According To TBRC's Report (Companies: Rockwell Diamonds, Anglo American Plc, Gem Diamonds, Petra Diamonds, and Lucara)
"It is truly a privilege to be present at this exquisite Forevermark diamond showcase exclusively at Apranje Jewellers.