development economics

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Development Economics

The subset of economics concerned with improving the economic growth of low-income countries. Development economics may focus on how to implement infrastructure or develop the business environment for growth to take place. It also studies what government policies (if any) would promote growth. Development economics became a major field within economics in the latter part of the 20th century, as more former European colonies became independent.
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development economics

the branch of economics that seeks to explain the processes by which a DEVELOPING COUNTRY increases in productive capacity, both agricultural and industrial, in order to achieve sustained ECONOMIC GROWTH.

Much work in development economics has focused on the way in which such growth can be achieved, for instance, the question of whether agriculture ought to be developed in tandem with industry, or whether leading industries should be allowed to move forward independently, so encouraging all other sectors of society. Another controversial question is whether less developed countries are utilizing the most appropriate technology. Many economists argue for intermediate technology as most appropriate rather than very modern plants initially requiring Western technologists and managers to run them. Socio-cultural factors are also influential in attempting to achieve take-off into sustained economic growth. See ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, INFANT INDUSTRY.

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Justice Ikramullah Khan and Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim fixed Aug 7 for the next hearing into the petition of student Pari Rehman, who complained that the university's administration hadn't accepted her request for the rechecking of her Developmental Economics paper through an impartial examiner.
Fabrizio Zilibotti is the Tuntex professor of international and developmental economics at Yale University.
For those with superficial understanding of the complex interplay of history, developmental economics and public administration, Singapore's success is singularly a product of its authoritarian political legacy.
"Globally, there's a huge debate about how to conserve these rainforests and this work shows that these policies slow down aggressive deforestation that harms the environment," says study coauthor Brent Sohngen, professor of agricultural, environmental, and developmental economics. "Most government-protected zones are protected in name only, so it's important to find new ways of slowing deforestation."
"Its emphasis on religious ideology over developmental economics has alienated Arab populaces, who have a growing preference for secular and effective governance; its inability to keep its numerous affiliates in step has led to the perception that it is too riddled with infighting to coherently govern; and it has been unable to quell suspicions regarding its connection to extremist violence," Obaid wrote.
If the programme were made permanent, the climate benefits would go up significantly, although Jayachandran cautioned that further research was needed to see if landowners might game the system over longer periods of time."I came into this study expecting to be a wet blanket on this idea," said Jayachandran, who noted that similar experiments in developmental economics have found that conditional cash grants sometimes have only marginal effects."We were surprised the impacts were so large." While the money offered to landowners was considerable for this developing region, it was often less than they could have made by harvesting forests for timber.
Its creation could have been an opportunity to pave a new path for developmental economics, but instead the bank has been come to be seen as a replication of the existing Bretton Woods institutions.
The discovery could help shape decisions by government, businesses and others looking to chip away at the vast amount of food that lands in trashcans instead of on the tables of those in need, said Qi and co-author Brian Roe, a professor of agricultural, environmental and developmental economics and a member of Ohio State's Food Waste Collaborative, which is exploring ways to reduce waste and create a more sustainable food system.
Notable, however, is Amartya Sen's essay on developmental economics. It illustrates how some of Smith's views in The Wealth of Nations can be extended to areas of inquiry that emerged long after his death--in this case, an area that bears great significance to our increasingly interconnected world.
She was Meritorious Professor and Vice-Chancellor, University of Sindh, dedicated teacher of 39 years standing and devoted researcher par-excellence with her expertise and profound knowledge covering vast canvas of fields ranging from Economics, Agricultural Economics, Developmental Economics and Sustainable Development and Environment, Gender and Poverty Studies, Water Resources, Drainage and Coastal and Indus Delta Mangroves.
Sachs' book is well worth a read and is a valuable contribution to the topic of global sustainability by a master of developmental economics. Unfortunately, The Age of Sustainable Development, undoubtedly, raises more questions than it answers.
Scrutinizing New Institutional Economics and choosing political sociology as a framework (as opposed to developmental economics or economic sociology, for instance) also allows the book to efficiently discuss the structural and governmental problems that afflict this sector.

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