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Macekura barely touches on the joint efforts of environmental NGOs and population control NGOs from the developed world to crash the total fertility rate of the developing world as a means to lessen their need for rapid industrialization, resource extraction, and environmental degradation, as well as to preserve the political and economic hegemony of the developed world.
These performance metrics should not merely focus on scientific knowledge outputs in the developing world, but on priority assistance defined and required by the developing world to harness the outputs of science," said the Minister.
Nearly half of these households are in the developing world, where household Internet penetration is approaching 28 percent.
The developing world lacked the proper energy infrastructure and could easily develop renewable energy sources by adopting latest technologies, he said.
Unfortunately, the greenhouse gases now in the atmosphere will not be removed by natural processes for decades, and the developing world is churning past the developed world in greenhouse gas emissions.
Ethics committees and review boards in the developing world need to be sensitive to these concerns.
Other prospective arms purchasers in the developing world with significant financial assets have been cautious in launching new and costly weapons-procurement programs.
But in the developing world, where culture and tradition continue to frame the roles, experiences, and expectations of girls and women, the effects of patriarchy, second-class status, and domestic violence on women have been less explored.
But for the developing world, biogas's greatest benefit may be that it can help alleviate a very serious health problem: poor indoor air quality.
Gates and Hale are fighting the good fight in a valiant attempt to weaken malaria's grip on the developing world.
He has contributed to Developing World Bioethics, the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, and Eubios Journal of Asian & International Bioethics.

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