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Inspector(s) of Election

The person(s) appointed by the Corporation to act as a judge on voting matters brought before a shareholder meeting. The inspector determines which proxies and ballots are in good form, and acceptable to be voted. They also count and record the votes, supervise and inspect the counting process and attest to the final results. They cannot be overruled on these matters, although they have no voice in the procedural aspects of the meeting itself.
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Detective Inspector Anderson said, "We have developed these schemes so we now have an arrest referral worker in all the unitary authorities within the Force area and each scheme is run locally.
Detective Inspector Alun Thomas said he believed he had returned to the area.
Detective Inspector O'Sullivan said Brennan's presence at the hotel was for the purpose of "enhancing the operation" of the Real IRA.
The trial of Det Sgt Katrona Jackson, 39, Constable John Kelly, 37; Detective Inspector Frank Thom, 47; Detective Sergeant Ian McBain, 48; Inpector John Pollock, 50; Detective Constable James Dinnen, 41 and Pc Andrew Caie, 42, continues.
Detective Inspector Nick Crabtree of Wrexham, who is heading the inquiry, said the last known sighting of the couple was still on September 12, two days before they should have boarded a flight from Malaga to Manchester.
Detective Inspector Cooper, head of Rumney CID in Cardiff, is due to travel to Italy next week.
In addition to the six officers, another detective inspector and a chief superintendent will receive "words of advice" for failure to perform their duties.
But Chief Superintendent David Sykes and Detective Inspector David Smith, the officers at the head of the March 1998 inquiry, which failed to uncover any evidence of Shipman's killing spree, were out of their depth and unfit for the case,it said.
One of the officers on trial, Detective Inspector Ian McBain, 48, has told the court he would sometimes take a pick-axe handle with him if he knew there was a vicious dog in a dealer's house.
Father-of-two Mr Larkin, a former detective inspector in Birmingham, said: "My aim is to encourage the flow of information from the public to the police, to enable the effective targeting of repeat offenders and those responsible for anti-social behaviour.
Detective Inspector Dave McCorkell said: "They didn't run out of the shop - they waddled.
A detective inspector said Leighton, from Drumadragh, Coleraine, replied "just guilty" when the murder charge was put to him.