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Inspector(s) of Election

The person(s) appointed by the Corporation to act as a judge on voting matters brought before a shareholder meeting. The inspector determines which proxies and ballots are in good form, and acceptable to be voted. They also count and record the votes, supervise and inspect the counting process and attest to the final results. They cannot be overruled on these matters, although they have no voice in the procedural aspects of the meeting itself.
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Detective Inspector Jon Thompson said: "I would like to reassure people living in the area or visiting Gloucester that this type of incident is extremely rare.
Detective Inspector Steel is going through her own personal issues, describing herself as "a forty-three-year-old lesbian chain-smoker who swears like a f***ing sailor and boozes it up every night.
Detective Inspector Hill can be contacted on 01926 415000, extension 3069, or phone Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555111.
It was the position vacated by South that was offered to acting detective inspector Mark Manning, who gave evidence at the alleged race-fixing trial at the Old Bailey, but is no longer joining the organisation.
Detective Inspector Jason Gwillim told Hornsey Coroner's Court, where an inquest was opened yesterday, that Miss Braham was found by police officers lying naked in a "pool of blood".
Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte (Bony), who is half aborigine, uses a false name and poses as a sheep rancher on vacation as he investigates the discovery of an unidentified naked body found in the locker of an automated lighthouse at Split Point, a small close-knit Australian community.
Heading the investigation Detective Inspector Nikolai Hoffner sees the pattern, but as tells his trainee Hans Fichte, they have plenty of clues that go nowhere.
series returns to the adventures of novelist Elizabeth George's suave British Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley (Nathaniel Parker), a well-heeled genius partnered with a working-class sergeant, Barbara Havers (Sharon Small), with four new dramas.
Past Due: A Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery by Claire McNab (Naiad, $11.
English-born Australian popular novelist who wrote more than 30 novels featuring Detective Inspector Napoleon (Boney) Bonaparte, a half-Aboriginal Australian detective.
We are very grateful for the assistance provided by Reader's Digest and its readership in assisting us in this apprehension," said Detective Inspector Signy Pittman, who oversees the Halton Major Crime Bureau.
Detective Inspector Michelle Thurgood, of the force's public protection unit, said: "This was a nasty attack in broad daylight.