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the process of translating a product idea into a product which can be produced and marketed on a commercial basis. Though design is a creative process it has economic consequences insofar as a product's shape, configuration and performance affect its marketability and its cost of production. In order to achieve high product variety without involving an excessive variety of components, designers often use common, interchangeable parts and design products on a modular basis.

In order to remain competitive, firms need continuously to review the design of their products in the light of new developments in materials and processes. The technique of VALUE ANALYSIS is used to identify possible sources of cost savings without impairing a product's performance. See COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.

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The company's president, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Mayank Pareek, said, 'Tiago boasts our new IMPACT design philosophy and has been a game changer for Tata Motors.
This endeavor of evolution of design values will continue to the future through our design philosophy.
Creating environments that tell stories is Courtney Sloane's design philosophy.
The vessel incorporates the Princess trademark design philosophy - an abundance of balcony cabins, flexibility in dining and entertainment options and a variety of intimate spaces - giving the ship all of the choices of a large ship with the feel of a much smaller one.
Areas of focus: Architects, Landscape architects, and interior designers with design philosophy of buildings in harmony with the aesthetic and cultural values of buildings around them.
The effort is designed to validate both the functional requirements and design philosophy of an enterprise application integration framework in an operational Navy environment.
Conceived to demonstrate how the company's design philosophy may develop in coming years, the Jaguar R-Coupe is a prestigious and sensuous four-seater coupe that reinterprets Jaguar's core design values in a fresh and forward-thinking way.

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