Design risk

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Design risk

The risk associated with the impact on project cash flow from deficiencies in design or engineering. Also known as engineering risk.
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Design Risk

The risk associated with potential flaws in the design of a good or its production and their effect on the project's cash flow. It is also known as engineering risk.
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* Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence deployed to identify new clinical hypotheses, reduce trial design risks and speed enrollment by identifying protocol-ready patients.
The design risks are taken up by the engineer, the construction risks largely by the contractor and the financial risks and a bit of legal liability by the owner.
However, the constant changes to the app's design risks continuing to turn off users as they find it confusing to access.
At the beginning of a project, we help designers control their design risks in 3D and ensure that contractors don't have a reason to raise variations or claims for more time or money during construction.
Summary: A business that does not consider how to improve its workplace design risks alienating its employees
The DX-1000 modular design is based onCincoze's exclusive CMI and CFM technologies, which offer a fast customer-specific solution without design risks or additional development costs.
It will also be interesting to see whether Satya Nadella's Microsoft is willing to take design risks, and go for a really slim tablet that doubles up as an excellent notebook, by adding the Surface Type Cover.
They encourage people to take more design risks with bold colours and unseen combinations thus transforming
Prototype testing is also essential to reduce design risks by checking for any durability issues in the real world of mud, workers and random events.
Consumers in general do take fewer design risks with handknotted rugs, Johansen added, as those rugs cost more and will last a long time.

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