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He wrote to the chair of its board that NSF "has minimal confidence in NEON Inc.'s ability to manage the remaining construction and initial operations of the NEON project." Olds added, "NSF is dedicated to ensuring that further re-scoping will not occur." Anne Maglia, who in 2016 oversaw the NEON project within NSF's biological infrastructure division, said, "If operating costs become an issue, then we may be talking about another descoping."
For Ninzi-Connect customers, this will ensure their regulatory compliance while reducing their exposure to potential security breaches by descoping sensitive data from customer calls, eliminating the need to record or store information.
Engineers assigned to the CMRE completed the bulk of the base descoping and deconstruction efforts to enable on-time base transitions.
Putting a leader in charge of operations who focused on descoping and drawing down the TB ensured success.
These important visits have led to Afghan decisions for the movement of units, adjustments of perimeters, and descoping of unsustainable infrastructure.
The IMP strategy analysis approach clearly identified the descoping, and it was confirmed that the 257 associated tasks were either deferred or eliminated to support PE-E's month 24 delivery date (Figure 9).
Dr Stephen Glaister, a former TfL board member who now works part-time as a non-executive director of Tube Lines, said that "descoping" of works was inevitable.
If a schedule slip seems imminent, consider descoping or deferring the additional work to a new team or to a subsequent review.
(6) Since the other two options available (contract descoping or cancellation) are rather extreme, the budgetary and acquisition functional communities must work together to provide a simple yet effective alternative to resolve the must-pay issue.
With base closures requiring descoping and materiel reduction, the RSYs established the capability to drain and purge thousands of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units along with commercial and military generators identified for disposal.
The forward closure assistance team could also provide the FOB mayor or BOS-I with the overall status of the descoping mission and continue to coordinate all CMRE enabler capabilities required to meet the base closure or transfer timeline.
The teams assisted, assessed, and advised units on real and personal property They also assisted with descoping contracts, providing information technology, and coordinating transportation for the retrograde of non-mission-essential items.