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Informal for a stock or other security that has dropped in price over a given period. For example, if a stock opens at $5 and closes at $4.45, it is said to be a decliner for that trading day.


Stocks that have dropped, or fallen, in value over a particular period are described as decliners. If more stocks decline than advance, or go up in value, over the course of a trading day, the financial press reports that decliners led advancers.

The indexes that track the market may decline as well. If decliners dominate for a period of time, the market may also be described as bearish.

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The improved NoWorries Double Stop Descenders are available in two models to suit either 10.
All that might encourage Thomas Voeckler, a daredevil descender, to have a go at snatching a few more precious seconds in the battle for the yellow jersey he joined with his displays in the Pyrenees.
While in the phase of binarization, the first feature extracted is the grouping of the character into the following categories of: ascender, descender and neither.
26) The descenders and other parts of the letters of the trimmed line can be seen at the top of folio 39r.
35) As noted by Connolly, this introductory rubric also presents 'an initial and descenders which imitate [Shirley's decorative script]' (p.
This new descender is the world's first conventional twin brake rescue & escape descender of its kind.
There are tall letters with ascenders (b, d, f, h, k, l, t) and tall letters with descenders (g, j, p, q, y).
This later hand of Lyttelton's is less cursive, more angular, and contains fewer looped ascenders and descenders, but it is still recognizably hers in all its upper case and many of its lower case graph forms, and in its slope to the right.
The two riders in the list apart from Armstrong who have won stages already this year are proven as exceptional descenders.
Dynamic scaling with SmartScale scales extended characters such as accents and descenders to fit within a device's preset bounding box
SmartScale dynamically scales extended characters such as accents and descenders to fit within a device's preset bounding box