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Informal for a stock or other security that has dropped in price over a given period. For example, if a stock opens at $5 and closes at $4.45, it is said to be a decliner for that trading day.


Stocks that have dropped, or fallen, in value over a particular period are described as decliners. If more stocks decline than advance, or go up in value, over the course of a trading day, the financial press reports that decliners led advancers.

The indexes that track the market may decline as well. If decliners dominate for a period of time, the market may also be described as bearish.

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15) He labeled these the Flat paraph, the Wavy Top paraph, the Upcurl paraph, and the Long Descender paraph, each of which takes its name from a prominent distinguishing feature (see Figs.
Furthermore, Wavy Top (a) primarily uses a straight descender whereas Wavy Top (b) uses a descender with a left lean.
In Booklet 3, folio 105r, where Scribe 2 has a very brief stint (see below), paraph guide marks are included regularly, but the paraphs are identifiable as belonging to the flat top and long descender varieties that occur elsewhere within this manuscript.
As mentioned above, throughout Scribe 2's stint only flat top and long descender paraphs are evident.
The user simply connects the descender to an anchorage point, attaches the connector to their harness and lowers themselves to perform a hands free descent.