Futures exchange

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Futures Exchange

An exchange on which futures contracts are traded. A futures contract is traded on a futures exchange; this allows them to be standardized contracts, which reduces uncertainty for investors. Futures exchanges are useful because it allows investors to make either speculative investments or hedges based on the expected future price for a commodity or other underlying asset. Many futures exchanges are also options exchanges.

Futures exchange.

Traditionally, futures contracts and options on those contracts have been bought and sold on a futures exchange, or trading floor, in a defined physical space.

In the United States, for example, there are futures exchanges in Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and New York.

As electronic trading of these products expands, however, buying and selling doesn't always occur on the floor of an exchange. So the term is also used to describe the activity of trading futures contacts.

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We believe there is good demand among our global client base for a new derivatives exchange, regulated and cleared in Europe, that offers compelling products, as well as interesting opportunities for spreading and arbitrage.
The electronic market, to be known as the Joint Asian Derivatives Exchange, or JADE for short, is expected to start operations in the third quarter of next year, they said in a joint statement.
PARIS -- Global leaders of derivatives exchanges and clearing houses will assemble 16-17 April for the 29th IOMA Conference, the annual derivatives Conference hosted by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), to focus on the commercial and technological developments impacting derivatives markets.
In addition, KRX is one of the largest derivatives exchanges with annual trading volume of 820.
About DGCX: Established in 2005, DGCX is the region's first derivatives exchange and the only one allowing participants to clear and settle transactions within the Gulf region.
Further to our announcement of 7 July 2011, PLUS Derivatives Exchange Limited (PLUS-DX) confirms that it has received FSA authorisation.
Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX), the region's first derivatives exchange, said its Indian Rupee futures has registered a new daily volume record of 12,499 contracts worth $551.
com)-- Vienna Derivatives Exchange (VDEREX), the Austrian multi-product commodity derivatives exchange, today announced that the Exchange expects to go live with its new arm of agricultural commodities trading mid-2011.
Summary: Total trading volumes on Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), the regioneIUs leading commodities derivatives exchange, touched a record new high of 14,066 contracts on Friday July 11th registering the exchangeeIUs highest overall daily value of above US$978 million.
It has grown further by acquiring the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange and the Portuguese cash and derivatives exchange.
The new Singapore Exchange is "the first de-mutualized, integrated securities and derivatives exchange in the Asia-Pacific," a statement from the company said.
IOMA supports the efforts of the WFE and looks forward to promoting open discussion on trends in the exchange traded futures and options markets," said Jorge Alegria, Chief Executive Officer of MexDer, the Mexican Derivatives Exchange and IOMA Vice Chairman, who will lead IOMA's network of senior executives from the options and futures exchanges for the next two years.