Depository institution

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Depository institution

A financial institution that obtains its funds mainly through deposits from the public. This includes commercial banks, savings and loan associations, savings banks and credit unions.
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Depository Institution

An organization, which may be either for-profit or non-profit, that takes money from clients and places it in any of a variety of investment vehicles for the benefit of both the client and the organization. Common examples of depository institutions are retail banks and savings and loan associations, both of which take deposits into safekeeping and use them to make loans to other customers.
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The GAO suggested, among other improvements, that Congress consider consolidating the number of federal agencies involved in overseeing the safety and soundness of depository institutions, including transferring the remaining prudential regulators' consumer protection authorities over large depository institutions to the CFPB.
(1) COVERED TRANSACTIONS- An insured depository institution, a company that controls, directly or indirectly, an insured depository institution or is treated as a bank holding company for purposes of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956 (12 U.S.
Historical evidence also shows that supportive growth of the monetary base is necessary for inflation to continue for an extended period.(2) In addition, the monetary base plays central roles in models of monetary economies as a default risk-free asset used for portfolio adjustment, including satisfying reserve requirements for depository institutions, and as the medium for final settlement of debts arising from the exchange of goods and services.(3) In model and in real economies, the ability of depository institutions to issue new liabilities and acquire earning assets is limited both by reserve requirements and by the institutions' need to maintain an adequate stock of base money to settle interbank payments.(4)
Associated operates the 42nd largest depository institution in the market, controlling deposits of $484.9 million, which represent less than 1 percent of market deposits.
5 and SEC guidance and acceptable to examiners have been developed by many depository institutions. Typically, they track losses, specific allocations, loan risk classifications and loan pool activity for purposes of calculating historical loss ratios by pool and classification.
In reviewing the proposal under the Bank Merger Act and section 9 of the FRA, the Board has carefully considered the financial and managerial resources and future prospects of the companies and depository institutions involved in the proposal and certain other supervisory factors.
Moreover, the CRA requires the relevant banking agency to assess an insured depository institution's record of meeting the credit needs of its community in the United States, but does not extend to activities conducted by foreign banks outside the United States.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-October 7, 2015-Federal Reserve Board names new member to National Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 7, 2015-Federal Reserve Board names new member to National Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
On November 17, 2009, the Federal Reserve Bank decided to reduce the maximum maturity of primary credit loans at the discount window for depository institutions to 28 days from 90 days effective January 14, 2010.

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