deposit note

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Deposit Note

A certificate of deposit that the bank may redeem and return to the holder before it matures. Deposit notes usually have a long maturity and may be traded on the secondary market. See also: Negotiable CD, Jumbo CD.

deposit note

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is planning a P50-billion fund-raising program involving the offering of a mix of high-yielding deposit notes, bonds and commercial papers.
Drug dealers deposit notes at any one of the 77 "crypto-currency" ATMs around the country.
The NCR software and hardware solutions deployed by Postbank will enable customers to make appointments and calculate loans on the NCR kiosks, as well as deposit notes and coins through the convenient new ATMs.
12 December 2013 -- Toronto-based Home Capital Group Inc's (TSX: HCG) Home Trust Co subsidiary said that it has successfully closed its initial issue of institutional five-year deposit notes in the principal amount of CDN 300m.
According to Reuters, the bank sold the five-year deposit notes in a reopening of an existing issue.
Canadian Western Bank (TSX: CWB) has said that it was planning to issue USD250m of Floating Rate Senior Deposit Notes to a group of institutional investors.
The A3 rating on BBK's USD500 million euro-denominated deposit notes, due 2011
According to the ruling, Toyoda in August 1996 killed Kazuko Nakano, then 44, in their house in the town of Kannami in Shizuoka Prefecture by drugging her with a massive amount of stimulant and later withdrew about 10 million yen of her deposit notes.
TORONTO -- Barclays Bank PLC ("Barclays") announced today that it has issued C$5,000,000 principal amount of Extendible Step-up Deposit Notes, Series I-35 with a final maturity date of October 24, 2018 (the "Notes") pursuant to an underwriting agreement dated October 19, 2011 between Barclays and Stuart Investment Management Limited.
is planning a P50-billion fund-raising program by offering a mix of high-yielding deposit notes, bonds or commercial papers.
The decision was taken by the government to ensure that black money operators would refrain from using other people's accounts to exchange or deposit notes.
The city of Augsburg intends to let run printing, enveloping and mailing of tax notices (taxes, fees, contributions), deposit notes, Prenotifikationen, reminders and similar financial near post by an external service.

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