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Dependent variable

Term used in regression analysis to represent the element or condition that is dependent on values of one or more other independent variables.

Dependent Variable

In technical analysis, a variable whose value is determined by the value of other variable(s), but plays no part in determining the value of those other variable(s). For example, if a product's price is determined by some equation involving the product's supply and its demand, the price is the dependent variable because the price does not affect the supply or demand.

dependent variable

A variable affected by another variable or by a certain event. For example, because a stock's price is affected by dividend payments, earnings projections, interest rates, and many other things, stock price is a dependent variable. Compare independent variable.

dependent variable

a variable that is affected by some other variable in a model. For example, the demand for a product (the dependent variable) will be influenced by its price (the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE). It is conventional to place the dependent variable on the left-hand side of an EQUATION. See DEMAND FUNCTION, SUPPLY FUNCTION.
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Before developing regression models for prediction of dependent variables, a test of the hypothesis of data normality of the dependent variable was also conducted to confirm whether simple linear regression can be used for prediction or not [30].
A simple regression has one independent variable paired with a dependent variable, while multiple regression can have two or more independent variables with a dependent variable.
it] is a vector of explanatory variables that capture national economic conditions within each industry, and explanatory variables that capture county economic conditions, such as county unemployment, population growth rate, and a lagged dependent variable.
The purpose of multiple regression (a term used by Pearson, 1908) is to highlight the relation between a dependent variable (explained, endogenous or resultant variables) and a lot of independent variables (explanatory, factor, exogenous, predictor ones).
The study took into account a total of four variables of which the University was taken as the dependent variable, and the three independent variables included; environmental factors, internal factors and external factors.
It can be shown algebraically that the lagged dependent variable in Campbell's Model 2 (2012) simply disguises the impact of the president's party on economic performance.
The above analysis estimates the average value of the dependent variable when the independent variable is held fixed.
The metabolite concentrations, [Met], [AdoMet], [AdoHcy], and [Hcy], are the dependent variables and expressed by [X.
000) and the dependent variable (ROA) is a strong connection (Table 1).
Stated another way, the value of the dependent variable is thought to depend on, or be influenced by, the value of the independent variable.
Using the direct indicator of satisfaction as a reference, it is observed that none of the models with discrete dependent variables have different results to those of the direct indicator model, since the variable sex doesn't appear to be as relevant in any of them.