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In other words, by reducing the likelihood of marriage by young adults, these reforms would limit opportunities for young adults to obtain spousal dependent coverage.
Last year, the Labor Ministry ruled that dependents of expats could not work unless they transferred their Iqama to their employer.
Highly compensated employees who receive dependent care assistance under a plan that does not qualify as a DCAP under Sec.
Once you have determined the current and future financial needs of your dependent with special needs, it's important to pull together a support team that can help guide you through the variety of options available to you and your family.
902(f)(1), Marital Settlement Agreement for Dissolution of Marriage with Dependent or Minor Child(ren);
My understanding, based on what studies we've done so far, is that the core of a dependent personality is a perception of one's self as helpless, vulnerable, and weak," said Bornstein.
A dismissal of an employee for taking time off for dependents is automatically unfair regardless of the employee's length of service.
Each year, ineligible dependents consume up to 6 percent of self-funded employers' total annual plan expenses, racking up millions of dollars in unnecessary medical claims.
Dependent Eligibility Verification by ConSova helps self-funded insurers reduce the cost of providing medical benefits and stem the rising tide of health care costs by identifying and removing ineligible dependents from the roster.
Beginning September 15, 2010, currently enrolled dependent children age 19 up to age 26 can continue coverage under the employee's company health plans in advance of the implementation of the government requirement.
However, those who have not responded and not produced proper dependent verification documentation by mid-May will not be allowed to enroll in the city's fiscal year 2010 health insurance plan, and their enrollment in a city health insurance plan will expire on June 30.
The mean score for one dependent variable--homework attitudes--was 2.

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