Department of Veterans Affairs

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Department of Veterans Affairs

A department of the U.S. federal government devoted to serving the interests of American military veterans. Among other things, the Department guarantees mortgages borrowed by veterans to increase veteran homeownership.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgage.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgages enable qualifying veterans or their surviving spouses to borrow up to the annual federal limit in order to buy conventional homes, mobile homes, and condominiums with little or no down payment.

The VA guarantees repayment of the loans. This federal guarantee means that banks and thrift institutions can afford to provide 30-year VA mortgages on favorable terms even during periods when borrowing in general is expensive.

Interest rates on these mortgages, formerly fixed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), are now set by the VA itself. For more information, call the VA's local toll-free number listed in your phone book.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Established on March 15, 1989, to replace the former Veterans Administration,it is currently the second largest of the 15 Cabinet departments and is headed by the secretary of veterans affairs. It provides a wide variety of programs, including guarantees of mortgage loans received by eligible veterans.

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Following are lawmakers assigned to the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees, which have oversight responsibilities for the various benefits and services provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs.
5 million California Department of Veterans Affairs home purchase revenue bonds, 2006 series A and the remarketed $80.
Department of Veterans Affairs and the California Department of Veterans Affairs regarding operation of the Lancaster home and homes in West Los Angeles and Ventura County, according to a memo from Tom Johnson, the newly appointed secretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs.
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to deploy and maintain a web application security system to reduce risks within the agency's existing Web infrastructure.
LANCASTER - A Department of Veterans Affairs clinic scheduled to open Monday will provide Antelope Valley veterans primary medical care without traveling out of the area.
Cinnamon was honored as the driving force behind the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Cyber Security Professionalization ProgramCoa program aimed at providing specialized security training for all cyber security practitioners (CSPs) within the VA.
Vietnam War veteran Paul Martinez of Panorama City joins hundreds of his fellow vets Sunday in protesting ongoing cutbacks at the Department of Veterans Affairs Southern California System at Sepulveda facility in North Hills.
The Carphone Warehouse and the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Veterans Affairs.
As if the governor's latest veto of the new veterans home wasn't enough of an insult to our veterans community, the governor's political cronies at the California Department of Veterans Affairs have released more ``detail'' to further defend the governor's actions.
DSA), a recognized leader in the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) of HSPD-12/FIPS-201 compliant cross-credentialing and identity management solutions, today announced a contract award from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for Certification and Accreditation (C&A) of the VA's Personal Identity Verification (PIV) system.
Gray Davis and the California Department of Veterans Affairs are firmly committed to building new homes and are giving strong consideration to the recommendations from veterans groups and local officials.
BOSTON -- Netezza, the global data warehouse appliance market leader, today announced the addition of three new customers, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Navy, to its growing portfolio of Federal government agencies choosing the Netezza data warehouse appliance.

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