Department of Health

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Department of Health

the UK government department responsible for administering the National Health Service.

Department of Health (DoH)

the UK government department responsible for administering the National Health Service.
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The McHenry County Department of Health is inviting public comment on the draft ordinance revisions.
The levels of contamination in the samples were "very, very low," said John Martell, manager of the Radioactive Air Emissions Section of the Department of Health.
Our course is accepted by the Southern Nevada Health District, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Michigan State Department of Health, Missouri State Department of Health, Montana Department of Health and many jurisdictions nationwide.
The Department of Health stores pesticide products to be used in the event of an outbreak of infectious disease.
But after careful consideration, it makes the most sense to separate the two and return the Department of Health to a cabinet-level agency in a cost-neutral way.
16, 2003; Harris C, Washington State Department of Health, personal communication, Mar.
Droplet Precautions, Guideline for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, http://www.
Dato, Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Bureau of Epidemiology, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Southwest District Office, 514 Pittsburgh State Office Building, 300 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA; fax: 412-565-7582; email: vdato@state.
Frank Keating has signed a general appropriations bill that gives the state's Department of Health $200,000 to hire 34 additional nursing home inspectors.
The Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH 2010) demonstration project is part of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) response to the Federal Race Initiative and goal for year 2010 to eliminate disparities in health in six health priority areas.
It reflects a joint, summer-long effort by its Finance Committee, members of the Health and Human Services Committee and members of the Senate, in conjunction with officials from the Department of Health and Human Services.
In a related report, investigators at the New York State Department of Health discovered an association between industrial pollution and breast cancer.

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