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1. Describing information that is or may be relevant for a firm's operations. For example, if a VCR company is experiencing a dearth of demand because most of its potential customers are buying DVD players, this is material information that will likely need to be disclosed to shareholders. See also: Immaterial.

2. Raw substances that a company uses to make its product. For example, an oil refinery's material is crude oil, which it makes into refined oil.


Of sufficient importance or relevance as to have possible significant influence on an outcome. For example, the possibility that a firm might lose its right to operate a number of television stations because competitors have filed with the Federal Communications Commission for those licenses would be a material fact in preparing the firm's financial statements. Compare immaterial.
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Throughout the procedure, the dentist relies on the clinical assistant to have the supplies, instruments, and dental materials ready for transfer into the dentist's hands.
2]) as a dental material has generated considerable interest in the dental community (1).
Knowing that enamel is almost entirely mineral, the researchers aimed to create a similar dental material.
Sacrificial protection is very simple and cost effective method to prevent the dental material from corrosion.
The unit itself has three separate departments to which dental assistants are assigned: Chemistry, Dental Materials, and Microbiology.
The study of dental materials presents ever changing information due to constant improvements in techniques and material composition.
Unfortunately, we are unable to compare our results (1,2) with those cited by Imai because four of the papers he cited were published in the Dental Materials Journal which is not available in Europe.
The desire for a more natural-looking mouth has increasingly driven the search for new dental materials.
Cerebain Biotech Corp, a subsidiary of Discount Dental Materials Inc (OTCBB: DDOO), announced on Monday that it has engaged Superior Inc to represent it in Poland for the purpose of clinical testing of the company's medical device for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease utilising the Omentum.
Chapter topics include structure and properties of enamel and dentin, biomineralization and biomimicry of tooth enamel, enamel and dentin bonding for adhesive restorations, enamel matrix proteins for periodontal regeneration, wear properties of dental ceramics, sol-gel derived bioactive glass ceramics, antibacterial composite restorative materials, composite-based oral implants, fibre-reinforced composites as dental materials, and luting cements for dental applications.
2 March 2012 - US dental materials provider Discount Dental Materials Inc (OTCBB:DDOO) said today it had acquired local Cerebain Biotech Corp via a reverse merger.