demographic transition

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Fig. 42 Demographic transition. The levelling-off of the rate of population growth during a country's economic development.

demographic transition

a POPULATION cycle that is associated with the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT of a country. In underdeveloped countries (i.e. subsistence agrarian economies), BIRTH RATES and DEATH RATES are both high, so there is very little change in the overall size of the population. With economic development (i.e. INDUSTRIALIZATION), INCOME PER HEAD begins to rise and there is a fall in the DEATH RATE (through better nutrition, sanitation, medical care, etc.), which brings about a period of rapid population growth. Provided ECONOMIC GROWTH is consistently greater than the increase in population, income per head continues to expand and eventually serves to reduce the BIRTH RATE (small families become the ‘norm’ in society as people seek to preserve their growing affluence). At this point, population growth slows down and may eventually level off.

Most advanced industrial countries have gone through a demographic transition of the kind described above and are today characterized by both low birth and death rates and slow-growing populations. See POPULATION TRAP, DEVELOPING COUNTRY.

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According to forecasts of the national statistics, the negative demographic trend will continue in the next years, and in only two years in 2020 the population in Bulgaria will fall below 7 million and will be about 6.9 million.
"Over the next decade, health spending will grow 15% due to demographic trends alone, compared with 8% for total consumption spending," said Gad Levanon, The Conference Board's chief economist for North America and one of the report's authors.
"This is arguably the single most important demographic trend that will shape the world over the course of this century," Knight Frank said.
Jamie Woodwell, MBA's Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research, added that demographic trends are pointing to consumers entering the real estate market later in life.
"In the absence of reforms or consolidation in other parts of the budget, countries with adverse demographic trends will see the most immediate impact on their public finance profiles," Fitch said.
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Metroplan, an association of central Arkansas governments, recently issued its "Metro Trends" report examining population and demographic trends in the area.
Mirroring these demographic trends, there is a critical shortage of Latino/as in the healthcare industry which negatively impacts the ability of the field to provide quality and culturally congruent healthcare to the largest racial/ethnic group in the country.
The top US military official, General Martin Dempsey, added: "All of the trends, demographic trends, geopolitical trends, economic trends and military trends are shifting toward the Pacific.

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