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''The first foreign leader I met since establishing the Democratic Party of Japan was Vice President Hu,'' Hatoyama said at a meeting of his party's shadow cabinet.
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan's Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and its coalition partner would fail to win the 56 seats, the number needed to control the chamber, in Sunday's upper house election, news reports said, according to dpa.
Besides Yamasaki, there were two other LDP members, two each from the opposition Democratic Party of Japan and the Japanese Communist Party, and one each from the opposition Social Democratic Party and the ruling coalition's New Komeito party and New Conservative Party, the sources said.
Yukio Hatoyama, head of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), made the request in a meeting with Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes, who is currently in Japan on a five-day visit through Friday.
Tang made the remark in a meeting with Naoto Kan, the leader of Japan's main opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), who has been on an eight-day visit to China since Thursday, DPJ officials said.
He has asked lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Japan and New Komeito to join the mission, which would probably include one or two members from each party, an SDP official said.
The leaders of the two parties, which were a ruling coalition before being ousted by the Democratic Party of Japan in the previous House of Representatives election in 2009, also agreed to have their secretaries general and policy chiefs hold policy consultations and conclude an agreement by Tuesday.
Hsu Hsin-liang is expected to visit Japan on April 14-18 to attend a symposium hosted by Japan's leading opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan, the Liberty Times said, quoting unidentified sources.
TOKYO - The Liberal Democratic Party's return to power after Japan's general election Sunday largely reflects voters' discontent with the ruling Democratic Party of Japan and does not necessarily mean the LDP has been given a full vote of confidence, analysts said.
TOKYO - Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said Sunday night he will quit as head of the Democratic Party of Japan as voters had delivered a harsh verdict on the party's three-year rule in Sunday's lower house election.
(In alphabetical order) The Democratic Party of Japan (Minshu To), Yoshihiko Noda The Japanese Communist Party (Nihon Kyosan To), Kazuo Shii The Japan Restoration Party (Nippon Ishin No Kai), Shintaro Ishihara The Liberal Democratic Party (Jiyu Minshu To), Shinzo Abe The New Komeito party (Komei To), Natsuo Yamaguchi The New Party Daichi (Shin To Daichi), Muneo Suzuki The New Party Nippon (Shin To Nippon), Yasuo Tanaka The New Renaissance Party (Shin To Kaikaku), Yoichi Masuzoe The People's New Party (Kokumin Shin To), Shozaburo Jimi The Social Democratic Party (Shakai Minshu To), Mizuho Fukushima The Tomorrow Party of Japan (Nippon Mirai No To), Yukiko Kada Your Party (Minna No To), Yoshimi Watanabe
The parties led by Hashimoto and Ishihara merged earlier in the month to create a so-called third force to challenge the ruling Democratic Party of Japan and the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party in the upcoming election.

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