demand loan

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Demand loan

A loan which can be called by the lender at any time and carries no set maturity date.

Demand Loan

A loan that must be paid on demand from the lender. Demand loans are often used to fund margin accounts; alternatively, they are common for personal loans with no set maturity. Demand loans often require collateral and are also called call loans. See also: Margin call.

demand loan

A loan due at any time the lender decides to request payment.

demand loan

A loan that states it is due upon demand, rather than on any certain date or upon the happening of a certain event.For purposes of calculating the statute of limitations within which to sue on a demand loan,it is treated as if demand were made and default occurred on the very first day the loan was made,even if that did not truly happen in fact.
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During the term of the demand notes, one son made a partial repayment of $15,000; no other payments were received by Miller.
Police said they have recovered six mobile handsets and three demand notes signed by Jivan Asom, finance secretary of ULFA from Kamal.
will issue a $100,000,000 Variable Rate Demand Note (VRDN).
Fitch Ratings assigns an 'A-/F1' rating to the $23,325,000 PHF Investments, LLC, taxable variable-rate demand notes, series 2004-A (the notes).
Outstanding demand notes of the investor with an aggregate principal of $135,000 became part of the credit line.
convertible demand notes of AltaRex, convertible into
41 billion fixed rate notes and $425 million variable rate demand notes, as described below.
280,000 aggregate principal amount of demand notes with various maturity dates and $240,000 aggregate principal amount of 8% convertible notes, due June 30, 2003, were extended to June 30, 2006.
ClearWave will use substantially all of the net proceeds from the sale to EMP, to repay inter-company demand notes due to TIW and pay related interest.
0 million outstanding tax-exempt variable-rate demand notes (Stanford University), 'AAA/F1+';
8 million proceeds from a previously announced share repurchase by MobiFon to repay intercompany demand notes due to TIW and pay related interest.
As of October 30, 2002, the investor has purchased demand notes having an aggregate principal amount of $350,000.