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For the sake of comparison, we also evaluated differences in Cesarean delivery rates (see Figure S2).
Supply air delivery rate = Outdoor air rate + Recirculated air rate
Packet Delivery Rate. The packet delivery rate is defined as the ratio of the number of data packets received by the node (or successfully decoded) and the total number of data packets.
The researchers say that it is possible that better assisted reproductive techniques that have been developed in recent years could improve the long-term delivery rates for women with ectopic pregnancies, and this is under current investigation.
According to the company, Comm100 Email Marketing offers the necessary capabilities to implement a successful e-mail campaign, including features such as high inbox delivery rate personalised e-mail templates and the ability to segment and target e-mail lists, as well as precise and organised tracking.
International Resource News-January 28, 2011--Delmarva Power to implement gas delivery rate increase request increase in New Castle County(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
Objective: The rising number of women undergoing elective repeat cesarean has been one of the principal reasons for the steady increase in the cesarean delivery rate. This study aim was to assess vaginal birth rates after cesarean (VBAC) in an educational hospital at Khorramabad, Lorestan.
The pounds 23.5m turnover firm, which manufactures municipal vehicles and temporary roadways for the defence industry, funded the programme to create efficiency savings, reduce operating costs and improve its delivery rate.
The packet delivery rate decreases significantly when ARQ is not considered.
JangoMail reported that it achieved a delivery rate of 99.7 percent for New York City Marathon alert e-mails.
The goal of this scheme is to maximize message delivery rate and to minimize message latency while also minimizing the total resources (e.g., memory and network bandwidth) consumed.
The normal delivery rate was 83.1 per cent but this fell to 55.3 per cent for obese women.