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He indicated that the need for ongoing investment in the region's electric and natural gas systems, continued environmental compliance and externally imposed costs, combined with higher operating costs, increased prices for materials and supplies and rising property taxes necessitated the need to seek permission to modestly increase delivery rates in the filing.
Given the statistics in this report, it would seem reasonable to approach the current cesarean delivery rate in a similarly regimented way In other words, take each category of contributor and propose ways to decrease them individually.
Significant improvements in on-time delivery rates the past two fiscal years evolved from the practical implementation of Lean transformation practices.
Our delivery rate is near perfect, our quality has always been outstanding and we've actually ben able to reduce costs.
The promotional branch, whose current participants hail from Norelco, Holmes and Teledyne WaterPik, is working to find ways to explain AHAM's clean air delivery rate standard to consumers.
Delmarva Power will implement its gas delivery rate increase request, effective Feb.
Single Embryo Transfer (SET) with Aneuploidy Screening: Same Delivery Rate, Better Obstetrical Outcome" Selected for Oral Presentation as Prize Paper at 61st Annual Clinical Meeting
Similarly, the operative delivery rate (which included cesarean plus instrumental assisted vaginal delivery) was 49%, 45%, and 45% in the low-, moderate-, and high-pain groups, respectively; these values were not significantly different.
Only 73 per cent arrived on time, behind An Post's next-day delivery rate target of 80 per cent by the end of the year.
s Swedish-designed air purifier has a clean air delivery rate, high energy efficiency and quiet operation.
The company delivers directly to more than 2 million households each week, with a consistent audited delivery rate above 92 percent (Verified Audit Circulation).
This increase is the first delivery rate increase for Delmarva Power in approximately 15 years.