deficiency letter

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Deficiency letter

Notification from the SEC to a prospective issuer of securities that revisions or additions need to be made to the preliminary prospectus.

Deficiency Letter

A letter from the SEC stating that there is a problem with a particular filing, especially a prospectus. A deficiency letter is submitted to the filer if the SEC determines that there is a major omission or error in the filing. The company making the filing is expected to deal with the deficiency immediately and make an amended filing. Generally speaking, the submission of a deficiency letter delays a new issue and may be accompanied by a stop order, forbidding a new issue until the matter is resolved.

deficiency letter

A letter from the SEC indicating disapproval with one or more aspects of a security issuer's registration statement.
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During 2016-17, 37 warning letters and 35 deficiency letters were issued to Mutual Funds/ Asset Management Companies (AMCs) while Adjudication proceedings were initiated against three Mutual Funds.
Still on the subject of regulation, let's have some fun with deficiency letters. Part of the joy of getting a new insurance program licensed in a new state is the exchanges with regulators.
14, 2017, the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) published its National Exam Program Risk Alert detailing frequently identified compliance issues cited in investment advisor examination deficiency letters.
The agency's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations states in the alert that the compliance issues were most frequently identified in deficiency letters recently sent to SEC-registered investment advisors and as part of an examination initiative that focused on advisors' use of "accolades" in their marketing materials.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 7, 2016-RiT Technologies Reports Receipt of Two NASDAQ Staff Deficiency Letters
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 7, 2016-RiT Technologies Reports Receipt of Two NASDAQ Staff Deficiency Letters
Also, pre-market approval (PMA) backlogs have been cut in half, and the percentage of PMAs with deficiency letters have fallen as well.
The California Board of Accountancy is sending deficiency letters to almost 600 licensees for failing to respond to the most recent batch of CBA peer review inquiries.
Although the contractor at this point seemed very agreeable to resolving these issues and correcting the road, it took four more tries, four more reviews and deficiency letters, and two months to finally correct the problems.
The new release, which combines older enhancements, can now track for lender-required policy characteristics and send deficiency letters when these requirements are missing.
bidders must have the ability and knowledge to conduct the initial and annual inspections at all applicable units, including all independently owned homes and condo/townhouses, using hud~s quality standards, which would include scheduling, conducting inspections, deficiency letters, inspectionforms/reports, rent reasonableness forms and follow-up inspections as needed.
OCIE said the list of compliance failures were sent to SEC-registered advisors via deficiency letters.

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