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Accordingly, the PV proposes that governments defer recognition of such changes by reporting the amount of the change as a deferred charge (decrease in fair value) or deferred credit (increase in fair value) on the statement of net assets]balance sheet, rather than as expense or revenue of the period in the statement of activity.
If you're investing a lump sum, however, or if you can't access a fund without paying an initial or deferred charge, ETFs may well give you the best value for money.
To avoid a sale now, but to allow for the possibility of a later sale, a deferred charge might be imposed on the farmland.
To account for the acceleration of the margin recognized on as-yet-unsold spares/engines, GE maintained a deferred charge on its balance sheet equal to the amount of income it accelerated using RAM.
In essence, it clarifies whether restructuring costs should be treated as a current period expense or as a deferred charge to be amortized over future periods.
If you're investing a lump sum, how-w ever, or if you can't access a fund without paying an initial or deferred charge, ETFs may well give you the best value for money.
"Instead," he wrote, "we set up an asset called 'deferred charges applicable to assumed reinsurance,' in an amount reflecting the difference between the premium we receive and the (higher) losses we expect to pay (for which reserves are immediately established).We then amortize this asset by making annual charges to earnings that create equivalent underwriting losses.
The rules likewise clarify that the finance charges will be computed based on the unpaid amount of the outstanding balance as of statement cut-off date and should not include current and deferred charges.
There is a need for disclosure of information concerning movements in certain assets, namely, (a) land and buildings; (b) plant and equipment; (c) assets under construction; (d) long-term investments; (e) long-term receivables; (f) purchased goodwill; (g) patents, trade marks and similar intangibles; (h) deferred charges of a long-term nature.
First, the Company was required to record an income tax expense charge of $86 million in the quarter to establish a valuation allowance on its US deferred tax assets and other deferred charges. In addition, the Company recorded an additional $12 million in expenses, net of tax, primarily associated with the resumption and catch-up of depreciation and amortization on Wolfspeed's long lived assets, which was partially offset by the Infineon termination fee.