deferred liability

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Deferred Liability

1. Money that a company receives from a customer as prepayment for some good or service. A deferred liability is listed on a balance sheet as a liability until the good or service is delivered. This is because the company would have to return the money if it does not keep its end of the bargain as promised. A deferred liability is also called a deferred credit or deferred revenue.

2. See: Past-Due Payment.

deferred liability

A liability that usually would have been paid but is now past due.
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We believe the negative response to the quarterly results is slightly overblown, as the company's deferred revenues were up 17%, compared to 12% revenue growth.
Non-GAAP net income is defined as GAAP net income after including deferred revenues related to the fair value adjustment resulting from purchase accounting and excluding stock-based compensation expenses, amortization of acquisition-related intangible assets, inventory write-off expenses, regulatory matter expenses, acquisition-related expenses, restructuring costs and compensation expenses related to the acquisitions.
To date, growth in unrestricted net assets has been constrained by operating deficits and an adjustment to fiscal 2005's beginning net assets for a transfer of investments to the state's capital facilities matching trust and net unrecorded deferred revenues related to certain contracts and grants.
4m; deferred revenues as of June 30, 2014, increased 33 percent year over year to USD61.
If these customers assert their rights to these penalties, all or a portion of these deferred revenues may not be recognized.
Also of significant importance is the fact that deferred revenues, as reported on the balance sheet, increased to over $1.
Deferred revenue and other adjustments includes acquisition-related deferred revenue adjustments which reflect the fair value adjustments to deferred revenues acquired in business acquisitions.
Fair value adjustment for acquired deferred revenues write down
Our deferred revenues and cash from operations are at an all time high with strong contribution from Keynote SIGOS," said Gupta.
Along with an increase in recognized revenue during the current nine-month period, there has been an increase of approximately $142,000 in deferred revenues that will be realized over the next twelve-month period.
We note the stock has suffered from its reported Q4 but we believe that the non-recurring expenses and lower deferred revenues will not be as meaningful in FY3/31/04.
At this point it is difficult to present estimates for the coming quarters, since we can not predict the amount of revenues deferred to future periods or deferred revenues earned for each period.