Defensive security

Defensive Securities

Low-risk securities, especially stocks in companies relatively unaffected by business cycles. In times of market downturn, investors tend to seek defensive securities to provide a steady rate of return, or at least to lose less money than the market as a whole. Examples include stocks in utility companies and the health care industry.

Defensive security.

Defensive securities tend to remain more stable in value than the overall market, especially when prices in general are falling.

Defensive securities include stocks in companies whose products or services are always in demand and are not as price-sensitive to changes in the economy as other stocks. Some defensive securities could be stock in food, pharmaceuticals, and utilities companies.

Defensive securities are also known as countercyclicals.

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Money saluted fulltimers Fylde for their defensive security, their strangling organisation and their ruthlessness in front of goal.
I believe they can with Shelvey the deeper - but we shall see if Benitez has enough faith given the defensive security he demands of his team.
It added up to an eye-catching United who ooze power, danger in attack and defensive security.
Once again, I believe Monk has the ability to coach these players so they take up better positions and be more effective in attack while maintaining defensive security.
SUBS: Anthony O'Connor - offered more defensive security, 4.
The fighters appear to have slipped through a defensive security line set up around Kunduz, entering the city itself before clashes broke out, witnesses in the city said.
Continuous endpoint monitoring and reporting for targeted attacks that have bypassed defensive security technologies.
Proactive security management and monitoring is a critical need: While federal agencies have increased their use of strong authentication policies, these defensive security measures alone cannot ensure protection against unexpected attacks and threats.
In 2011, The New York Times obtained documents detailing how an 800-member battalion of foreign fighters was being trained in the UAE with the help of Prince for defensive security operations.
It's little wonder Pulis prefers James McClean to Callum McManaman, the former providing an extra defensive security.
After decades buying the support of tribes, politicians and clerics in Yemen, the royal family is losing its grip on Yemen and is falling back on a defensive security policy.
The Agency Defensive Security Cooperation / DSC / in the US Department of Defense said in a statement today that the US State Department approved the arms sales package for Iraq include 175 tanks type Abrams / M1A1 / with attached equipment, spare parts and equipment of logistics support estimated cost of up to two billion and $ 400 million.