Deep discount brokerage firm

Deep Discount Brokerage Firm

A brokerage that offers clients no commissions and usually a flat fee for trades. Unlike most brokerages, a deep discount brokerage provides only trading services; it does not, for example, provide custody services. The idea behind a deep discount brokerage firm is that it will still make a good deal of money from the sheer volume of transactions it facilitates. See also: Discount brokerage firm.

Deep discount brokerage firm.

A financial services company that offers rock-bottom rates for large-volume securities transactions is sometimes described as a deep discount firm.

However, online brokerage firms or electronic communications networks (ECNs) may offer investors cheaper prices for even small-volume trades.

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Wang Investments is a deep discount brokerage firm, providing a wide range of investment tools to meet your financial objectives.
deep discount brokerage firm and a wholly owned subsidiary of AmeriTrade Holding Corp.
deep discount brokerage firm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AmeriTrade Holding Corporation.
The company's OMS (Order Management System) software is currently being used by over 600 brokers at one large New York firm, and its Internet application, E-TRAN, is being used by two national deep discount brokerage firms to allow customers to place trades and access account information through the Internet.