Deep discount brokerage firm

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Deep Discount Brokerage Firm

A brokerage that offers clients no commissions and usually a flat fee for trades. Unlike most brokerages, a deep discount brokerage provides only trading services; it does not, for example, provide custody services. The idea behind a deep discount brokerage firm is that it will still make a good deal of money from the sheer volume of transactions it facilitates. See also: Discount brokerage firm.
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Deep discount brokerage firm.

A financial services company that offers rock-bottom rates for large-volume securities transactions is sometimes described as a deep discount firm.

However, online brokerage firms or electronic communications networks (ECNs) may offer investors cheaper prices for even small-volume trades.

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Deep discount brokers. Here, at the cheapest end of the investing spectrum, are a group of brokers who will execute trades at a rock-bottom price, provided you're willing to settle for no frills whatsoever.