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Mr Delaney said: "If you start from the basis that kerbside parking space is a valuable resource and should be managed to maximise the rate of return, there is little amiss with the regime of decriminalised parking enforcement operated in many - but by no means all - areas.
Funding for increased enforcement - if decriminalised parking is to go forward late next year - would come from fines and increased on-street parking charges in the city centre.
Liverpool decriminalised parking enforcement in 2002 followed by Wirral and Sefton.
Publishing its report for 2003, the NPAS said 83 councils - 15 more than in 2002 - were now in the decriminalised parking enforcement scheme.
Now the mum-of-three is backing Amnesty International's campaign calling for prostitution to be decriminalised.
The council has admitted failing to correct a string of errors identified before it decriminalised parking in 2003, and has been forced to repay thousands of fines.
The parking mess came after responsibility for issuing parking tickets was relinquished by police and transferred to local authorities when the offence was decriminalised.
THE Home Secretary's confirmation that cannabis will be effectively decriminalised is the biggest shift in drugs policy for 30 years.
THE Home Secretary was today expected to unveil the biggest shift in drugs policy for 30 years by confirming cannabis will be effectively decriminalised.
The Company magazine poll found that 36% of women between the ages of 18 and 28 think the drug should be decriminalised, while 48% think that it should be legalised, but only for medicinal purposes.
Independent London mayor candidate Mr Ken Livingstone last night shrugged off a double controversy over remarks suggesting international capitalism kills more people than Hitler and that soft drugs should be decriminalised.
No one is saying yet that cannabis should be decriminalised.