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The Board of Directors motion to authorize dividend payments.


1. An announcement by the board of directors of a publicly-traded company that it will issue a dividend. See also: Declaration date, Ex-dividend date.

2. More generally, any formal announcement that a person or activity intends to undertake a certain activity. Sometimes regulators require companies to make declarations of actions like a hostile takeover attempt. This is intended to increase transparency in the market.


The legal document a condominium developer must file in order to create the vehicle for condominium ownership. All states have fairly similar laws setting out the requirements for what must be in the declaration. They are sometimes called uniform condominium acts or horizontal property acts.

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The previous nomination form also included a declaration about the Pakistani citizenship of the candidate and that he/she has neither acquired nor applied for the citizenship of a foreign state.
Commissioner General John Njiraini noted that the new system enables data sharing with iTax to enable a follow up on tax declarations.
The INLUCC also recommends, according to Judge Mohamed Ayadi, to extend the renewal of the declaration of assets to 5 years instead of 3 years in order to lighten the costs of the case which receives thousands of files at the same time.
0 MD durant les neuf premiers mois 2016, essentiellement suite a la declaration de l'extension d'une unite de fabrication d'articles d'emballage pour un montant de 12.
After hearing the arguments, the court suspended the orders for cancellation of newspaper's declaration and adjourned the hearing of the case.
I am confident the Supreme Court will uphold as lawful the declaration of martial law, which is absolutely necessary to attain genuine and lasting peace in Mindanao,' Ejercito said.
The Central Board of Direct Taxes ( CBDT), in a statement, also said no official list of region- wise declarations has been issued.
Supporters may read and sign the declaration at: http://fujideclaration.
The declaration endorsed the efforts of current provincial government.
A declaration signed by 1,128 academics from 89 universities in Turkey and abroad called on the government to end the ongoing fighting between security forces and militants from the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) that has inflicted devastation in some residential areas of several predominantly Kurdish-populated towns.
NNA - Former Minister Ziad Baroud said that the Declaration of Bbda was a safety-net for domestic security which made explicit the role of the state with regards to regional and international policies, particularly adopting a policy of neutrality.
The declaration is currently at the center of a heated debate between the March 14 coalition, which is pushing for the pact to be adopted as a policy statement of a new Cabinet, and the Hezbollah-led March 8 alliance, which wants to see the "Army, people and Resistance" formula remain in the next government's ministerial statement.

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