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As counterculturalism outpaced political discipline in the Movement at large, the politicos responded by trying to theorize how a variegated people's movement might be held together, reproducing the tension between Marxist centralism and anarchist decentralism. By the late sixties, SDS had broken into at least three factions: two of them, the Maoist Progressive Labor Party (PLP) and the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM), sought to transform the group into a Leninist revolutionary vanguard, while a third, a coalition of various identity positions led by an emergent feminist movement, was drawn to the anarchist principles of identity and decentralism, correctly arguing that the New Left largely remained a site of white male privilege.
Social fragmentation encourages a de facto decentralism through the forming of subcultural enclaves.
Decentralism gives us politics on a human scale." The underlying philosophy, he writes, has four key components: democracy, liberty, community, and the affirmation of an underlying morality.
By contrast, the "principle of decentralism," Goodman wrote, dictated that "authority is delegated away from the top as much as possible and there are many accommodating centers of policy-making and decision....
as being in line with older Labour traditions of decentralism and
Mr Durham added that The Decentralism and Localism Bill could be of interest but further information would be needed to see how it would work in practice.
which bioregional politics would logically begin is decentralism,
The Agreement stipulates the implementation of a strong centralism alongside decentralism (See Ta'ef Agreement--III.
When we speak about decentralism, it is the community foundations that are then relied upon.
This 'decentralism' began under ALP governments and was followed at the national level from 1996 by 'decollectivisation' as the Workplace Relations Act allowed for individual contracts to be made within the labour law system.
It must be noted that this decentralism enables us to achieve one of the objectives, that of a scalable multicast server.
The decentralism under the Accord was expected to give unions a meaningful workplace presence, and members and local representatives could look forward to real tasks and positive results around which to recruit and grow (Pocock, 1996).