Trading desk

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Trading desk (dealing desk)

Personnel at an international bank who trade spot and forward foreign exchange.

Trading Desk

A physical desk at an investment bank where one may buy or sell securities or derivatives. Generally speaking, each trading desk at an organization specializes in one type of security. For example, one may buy and sell stocks, other bonds, and so forth. Trading desks allow users to trade securities instantaneously, which can be important in arbitrage. A trading desk is also called a dealing desk.
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MTS has a presence on the dealing desks of over 100 sell-side institutions and at over 400 buy-side institutions.
The move also demonstrates the growing clout of state-backed Chinese firms in international oil trading, with Unipec and PetroChina establishing sophisticated dealing desks in key hubs like London and Singapore in recent years.
Beaufort's Capital Markets division supports corporate clients through Corporate Broking, Corporate Finance and Dealing desks who deal with a global network of investors.
on rumours amongst dealing desks that bad news could be due concerning a German bank," said trader David White at Spreadex.
Some dealing desks are too focused on benchmarks, but it's our job to transact.
DE) in Singapore, where he headed up operations for the Asia region's dealing desks.
These include online trading services, the use of central dealing desks where orders can be channelled for order execution when Trading Representatives or brokers are away, the appointment of a back-up Trading Representative, and the use of mobile technology by Trading Representatives to execute orders when they are off-premises.
The only redeeming feature of the London snow was that around half the stock market dealers failed to get to their dealing desks, which meant they were unable to do any more damage to the economy they have helped slaughter over the last year.
If you cleared the dealing desks you could stage a professional football game, and still have room for the fans," said Mr Jason Paul, a relationship manager at Merrill Lynch, one of the world's biggest investment banks.
As per the arrangement, BestEx clients would be having the capability to utilize TORA's technology and international broker relationships to outsource their trading to local dealing desks in "all major and emerging international markets.
Independent research providers don't typically have dealing desks, and execution-only brokers don't tend to have proprietary research, so they fit beautifully," he says.