dealer market

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Dealer market

Where traders specializing in particular commodities buy and sell assets for their own accounts.

Dealer Market

The market for traders who are trading on their own accounts, as opposed to traders to conduct transactions on behalf of clients. Dealer markets exist to create the greatest liquidity possible for other transactions. One of the most prominent dealer markets is NASDAQ. See also: Dealer, Broker-dealer.

dealer market

A market in which securities are bought and sold through a network of dealers who buy, sell, and take positions in various security issues. Compare auction market, open outcry.
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Vero LLC, a subsidiary of CU Direct, has signed a new strategic partnership with Allied Solutions for the delivery of innovative solutions to both the credit union and auto dealer markets.
The company's product line will be integrated into MHCP, a producer of educational materials for the mass retail and educational dealer markets.
It's a perfect fit for both Companies and with our ability to simultaneously service the grass roots and Team Dealer markets it showcases what Collegiate Pacific's multi-channel marketing platform is designed to do.
With David's expertise in both the hedge fund and broker dealer markets, he and his team will be able to advise our clients how to best leverage the Bank's core business of securities services in order to deliver more value to their end clients, especially investors.
The event drew 350 portfolio managers from institutional investors in the banking, insurance, money management, pension fund, mutual fund and broker dealer markets.
Frank Schaffer Publications' product lines will be integrated into McGraw-Hill Children's Publishing (MHCP), the nation's premier educational publisher for the mass retail and educational dealer markets.
Pink Sheets is a nexus of OTC dealer markets that enhances price transparency in the OTC markets so investors can more efficiently buy and sell OTC securities.
In addition to its regulated activities, onExchange licenses its trading and clearing technology to operators of online commercial and dealer markets and existing OTC, futures and securities exchanges.
Collegiate Pacific markets, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of sports equipment primarily to the institutional and team dealer markets.
The system is a hybrid of today's exchange and dealer markets that increases participants' opportunities to receive price improvement and enhanced liquidity.
In addition, the Company has recently added new individuals in the areas of sales and marketing and research and development in order to enhance the Company's ability to develop and introduce new products and services to the OEM and water dealer markets.
This start-up location will primarily distribute roofing and insulation products in the metropolitan Little Rock area and the surrounding rural dealer markets.