dealer loan

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Dealer loan

Overnight, collateralized loan from a money market bank made to a dealer financing his position by borrowing.

Dealer Loan

A loan to a dealer by a bank. Dealers take out dealer loans in order to finance inventory for their trades. Dealer loans are payable in 24 hours of receipt, and must carry collateral.

dealer loan

A short-term secured bank loan to a security dealer for the purpose of financing inventory.
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2 billion at September 30, 2014 and servicing fee income was relatively flat quarter-over-quarter due to SCUSA's transferring the servicing of $878 million in dealer loans held by an affiliate, the absence of an off-balance sheet securitization and normal portfolio runoff.
While the notes are backed by the receivables due from the auto dealer borrowers and the collateral of the borrower's portfolio of loans, they do not represent an ownership interest in the corresponding auto dealer loans or loan pools that VroomBank buys, their proceeds, or in the assets or equity of Braeger Auto Finance.
Many bank loans and dealer loans now work by allowing you to defer paying back an agreed amount of the loan until the end of the loan period.
WFSv6 is a fully integrated, web native application that will support wholesale finance products, including new, used, demo funding as well as dealer loans and current accounts.
After the 2011 upgrade to TCI's DecisionLender Lite software, Chessie picked up 10 new dealerships and saw a substantial increase in new members (67% of total dealer loans from new members).
It appears that Thor used its capital to support its business with dealer loans and consumer lenders to support floor inventory and sales, and failed to properly account for these maneuvers.
Furthermore, dealer loans are plagued with well-documented markups, kickbacks and other abuses that cost consumers over $20 billion each year.
Proceeds from the sale of PowerNotes(SM) will be used to fund future leasing transactions, customer and dealer loans, and for general corporate purposes.
announced today that it has created CenterOne Financial Services(TM), a new division that will provide third-party servicing for prime-consumer loans and auto leases, as well as commercial auto dealer loans.
The CP issued by DCAT continues to be fully collateralized by dealer loans in addition to approximately $1.
Southfield, Michigan-based Chrysler Financial, a group within DaimlerChrysler Financial Services (debis) North America, is one of the world's largest automotive finance companies, providing consumer financing and dealer loans.
The CP issued by CATD continues to be fully collateralized by dealer loans in addition to approximately $730,698 in cash accounts.