dealer loan

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Dealer loan

Overnight, collateralized loan from a money market bank made to a dealer financing his position by borrowing.
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Dealer Loan

A loan to a dealer by a bank. Dealers take out dealer loans in order to finance inventory for their trades. Dealer loans are payable in 24 hours of receipt, and must carry collateral.
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dealer loan

A short-term secured bank loan to a security dealer for the purpose of financing inventory.
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Under the Chrysler Agreement, which is in year seven of a 10-year term, SC is FCA's preferred provider for consumer loans, leases and dealer loans.
According to the Chrysler Agreement, which is in year seven of a 10-year term, SC is the automaker's preferred provider for consumer loans, leases and dealer loans.
While the notes are backed by the receivables due from the auto dealer borrowers and the collateral of the borrower's portfolio of loans, they do not represent an ownership interest in the corresponding auto dealer loans or loan pools that VroomBank buys, their proceeds, or in the assets or equity of Braeger Auto Finance.
Moody's understands that following the transfer of Volvo dealer loans to
Ford business in Switzerland, which comprises Ford dealer loans and
Nonbank dealers in Treasury securities, almost all of whom were located in New York, began to search for cheaper financing than what was available from the large New York banks that had historically funded most dealer loans. Rising interest rates also gave large state and local governments and nonfinancial corporations an incentive to substitute short-term loans for interest-free bank demand deposits.
(The objective of minimizing the quantity of unallocated securities is important because the clearing bank typically finances any unallocated securities that remain in the clearing account at a dealer loan rate in excess of the contemporaneous repo rate.) This process eliminates the need to transfer securities between banks--as would be necessary if the dealer's clearing bank and the tri-party agent bank were different banks--and facilitates least-cost financing of the dealer's securities.
Many bank loans and dealer loans now work by allowing you to defer paying back an agreed amount of the loan until the end of the loan period.
24 August 2010 - S&P said on Monday it has upgraded to "stable" from "negative" its rating outlook on New Zealand-based Avanti Finance Ltd, a midsize finance firm offering personal lending, motor vehicle dealer loans and short-term property loans.
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