dealer market

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Dealer market

Where traders specializing in particular commodities buy and sell assets for their own accounts.

Dealer Market

The market for traders who are trading on their own accounts, as opposed to traders to conduct transactions on behalf of clients. Dealer markets exist to create the greatest liquidity possible for other transactions. One of the most prominent dealer markets is NASDAQ. See also: Dealer, Broker-dealer.

dealer market

A market in which securities are bought and sold through a network of dealers who buy, sell, and take positions in various security issues. Compare auction market, open outcry.
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I want to get people into clinics and give them prescriptions and remove the dealer's market, thereby removing at least some dealers."
Aiming to sell 100,000 cars in Taiwan this year, Hotai chairman Huang said the dealer's market share was slightly affected by Toyota and Lexus's recalls in the U.S., and will try to upgrade market share to 35% this year from about 32% currently, though admitting some European and American car brands are aggressively boosting market shares in Taiwan, adding that long-term investment in and commitment to branding minimized the impact of the Toyota recall.
The company's professional sales representatives understand customer needs and can offer advice on how to select the paints and the price-points that fit each dealer's market. The program provides related sundries that can be purchased in customized quantities (only those needed) to improve inventory turns.
During these daily exchanges, you also may want to discuss your dealer's market view, solicit its feedback on your issuance plans and get information on your investor base.