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(a) and (c) adopt the conventional deadbeat method, while (b) and (d) show the waveform figures of deadbeat control method after the introduction of the fuzzy control algorithm.
where Q(z) and P(z) are the polynomials of the transfer function of the deadbeat controller, and C(z) is an additional polynomial.
Q I feel like your character on "Deadbeat'' is like a nightmare version of Oprah Winfrey.
Is this the man you want running the Democrat Party, a deadbeat dad, a tax dodger?
By (4) the expression of deadbeat control voltage directive can be obtained:
However, despite your best efforts, there will always be a few deadbeats whom you will need to pursue.
I have no problem in exposing and naming deadbeats. My problem is that it doesn't address the fundamental gender bias of the courts and the feminist-influenced judges, who rule on child custody cases every day.
Volver (Sony Classics) Pedro Almodovar is at the top of his game in this wonderfully satisfying story of a mother (the poised, magnificent Penelope Cruz) who covers up the murder of her deadbeat husband by their daughter.
It explains how to search and bid on a specific item, make payment, register as a seller, list an item for sale, take pictures, build customer loyalty, deal with deadbeat bidders, and socialize with other eBayers.
WHEN deadbeat Dane Peter Lovenkrands said he was hoping for 'another great season at Ibrox and a contract extension' the Rangers faithful must have been fuming.
He sought leniency, telling Lane County Circuit Judge Jack Billings that he lost his marriage and children to drugs, but has never been a deadbeat father.
As with the comment on the beautiful-but-disappointing oranges, her conversation often dashes between substance and its glossy but sometimes deadbeat cousin, style.

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