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Maria in the Moon - Louise Beech, Orenda - out Saturday CATHERINE'S home was ruined in a flood that engulfed Hull a year earlier, her ex is getting married, she's in a dead-end job and her mum is a nightmare.
Danny is a hopeless romantic, an outgoing and gregarious lover of clubbing and a good time, but who finds himself adrift, going from dead-end job to dead-end job, until he meets the anti-social, enigmatic and brilliant Alex, who works in coding for MI6.
A survey of 2,000 youngsters aged between 15 and 22 found almost as many were concerned they would end up in a dead-end job.
I'D like to respond to the young man who has failed his last year at uni twice and hates his dead-end job in a fast-food restaurant (Dear Coleen, July 6).
Mark is an ex-military explosives expert trapped in a dead-end job, with a baby soon to come.
Zoe is in her early twenties, working a dead-end job, and living with a slob of a boyfriend.
The plot features the drudgery of a dead-end job and the hero's ham-fisted efforts at a romance with co-worker Ophelia Lovibond that, despite his cluelessness, is always on the cards.
He is afraid to quit his dead-end job (he's a refrigeration mechanic or a manager at Home Depot, or he runs a small auto-repair shop) and knows that he and his wife will be living in semipoverty retirement.
Essentially a feminist credit crunch version of The Odd Couple, the fish-out-of-water tale centres on Caroline, a formerly wealthy Paris Hilton-type socialite who takes a dead-end job waiting tables at a New York diner.
So he decides to hit forty-eight states in forty-eight days, leaving behind a dead-end job and questionable life in search of adventure.
Unambitious and overlooked, Noel is an alcoholic trapped in a dead-end job until a surprise call from a former girlfriend turns his life upside down.
This animated film tells the story of Valentin who is a disillusioned yet model employee stuck in a dead-end job.