dead cat bounce

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Dead cat bounce

A small upmove in a bear market.
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Dead Cat Bounce

Slang; a small rally after a significant decline. The term implies that the decline will continue and will be sustained. For example, if a stock price drops from $150 to $125, then rises to $130, then drops to $110, the rise is said to be a dead cat bounce.
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dead cat bounce

A sharp and likely temporary rise in the market price of a stock following an extensive decline.
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Whether the spike in the US dollar is meant to continue or whether it is just a dead cat bounce depends on how fast other central banks across advanced economies converge into normalization.
While August's data were better, it is too soon to say whether the improvement was just a "dead cat bounce."
"It remains too early to say whether August's upturn is a dead cat bounce or the start of a sustained post-shock recovery, but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence to indicate that the initial shock of the June vote has begun to dissipate.
But Connor Campbell at Spreadex warned the rally could be a "dead cat bounce".
But Kathy Lien, analyst at BK Asset Management, called the rise in the pound a "dead cat bounce" as Britain faces fundamental questions over who is going to lead the country and how they are going to negotiate a resolution with Brussels.
"This looks like a classic dead cat bounce," ETX Capital's head of trading, Joe Rundle, said.
Then again, sterling is down now, even after what's delightfully dubbed the "dead cat bounce" saw its value rebound slightly.
They are enjoying a dead cat bounce but they have a tough run of fixtures with Aberdeen and Dundee coming up.
After a rough Friday, shares of LPL Financial (LPLA) are having what some Wall Streeters call a "dead cat bounce."
This may just be what traders call a "dead cat bounce" -- if the price falls from high enough, there is bound to be a little bit of a bounce at the bottom -- but that is mainly of interest to Chinese investors.
Twitter shares have not staged even a dead cat bounce after the post-Q1 Armageddon, with investor sentiment not helped by the news Google plans to bring tweets on its mobile devices.
A few other analysts, however, said that the spike in stocks could be like a ' dead cat bounce', which speculators might use to exit from their long- held positions.