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One in five users admitted they had felt down in the dumps after seeing friends having fun in glamorous locations, or successful careers, while they were stuck in dead end jobs.
But as these girls are in their mid-20s it's closer in age (if not in cleverness) to Lena Dunham's Girls than a female Inbetweeners, mining that period after university when your dream career fails to just drop into your lap and you end up, as the title says, drifting between dead end jobs and even more dead end relationships.
The shutting down of much of our manufacturing (a disaster), leaving many of our people out of work or in dead end jobs and at the same time creating the benefit culture society.
He raced through a series of dead end jobs, before his call up for National Service in 1956, serving with the Royal Air Force in Singapore in 1957.
MAUREEN Messent is wrong to link the working class "idiots" (her words, not mine), the poorly educated and possibly those in dead end jobs, for the foul language.
Colin said:``Ihavebeen in dead end jobs since Ileftschool and seemed tohaveno prospects of rising through the ranks.
All of this could end years of labor drudgery, of dead end jobs, and dissatisfied workers, Rifkin said, `but we have to rethink what a human being does and how we can get income to him once we replace him with robotics and technology.
Mr Turner referred to prostitution as the 'most dead end job of all dead end jobs'.
But those who neglect school are more likely to end up on the dole or in dead end jobs, the survey also found.
What is clear is that there is a growing consumer constituency dissatisfied with their options and wary that far too many clients are being steered into dead end jobs.
If these nets become generous, workers in marginal, dead end jobs see their dignity challenged and have even less incentive to work hard, placing further demands on those who remain at work.
com's commercial featuring children aspiring to work in dead end jobs.