day loan

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Day loan

A loan from a bank to a broker prior to the delivery of securities. Upon the delivery of the securities, a day loan becomes a regular broker call loan for which securities serve as collateral.

Day Loan

A loan that a bank extends to a broker in order to buy securities. The loan is due at the end of the same day it is extended. A day loan exists to provide a broker with funding until an ordinary broker call loan can be made. It is also called a morning loan.

day loan

A one-day loan made by a bank to a broker for the purchase of securities. The loan is used until delivery allows a regular call loan to be arranged.
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High-cost loans such as home credit, doorstep loans and hire purchase are far more widely used than pay day loans, shows Welsh study.
By NOOR NANJI Press Association PUBLIC sector workers are increasingly turning to pay day loans to make ends meet following the Brexit squeeze on the cost of living.
It is humiliating and shameful that we have food banks, soup kitchens or pay day loans in the UK - this is decades of government incompetence which can never be forgiven.
Only last week I met a man at a drop-in centre who had learning difficulties - and the little money he had was going on pay day loans.
MORE than 60% of people who took out pay day loans used the money to pay for household bills or buy essentials such as food, nappies and petrol, a survey by Which?
A leading churchman has attacked high-interest pay day loans.
With fast loans and 100 day loans, this short-term loan provider truly lives up to its promise of "100 days of freedom.
Pay day loans, money orders, check cashing, authorized bill pays- utilities, car loans, car sales, Western Union.
THE endless increase in pay day loans, pawn brokers, food banks and soup kitchens in the UK is embarrassing, humiliating and shameful.
The information was released as the Citizens Advice Bureau said it has seen the number of clients with debt problems - including pay day loans - rise from 1% in 2009 to 10% in 2012.
No surprise when you compare their representative APR for pay day loans - Moneywise's rate of 26.