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The coding of sensitive information for transfer online or otherwise electronically. One may encrypt data to prevent anyone other than the intended recipient from accessing it. For example, if one buys a product online and enters credit card information into an electronic form, that information is usually encrypted so hackers and potential identity thieves cannot use it for illicit purposes.


The manipulation of data to prevent accurate interpretation by all but those for whom the data is intended. Financial institutions use encryption to increase the security of data transmitted via the Internet.
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Each company's strategy with respect to its hotline will need to be based on how the company's hotline operates, its level of compliance with data protection laws and its relationship with its works council and the particular laws of the company's geographic location.
Disk storage has historically been the most expensive resource in the data protection solution.
Conceptually, ILM may provide a roadmap for SMBs to minimize the challenges faced in implementing a data protection plan.
Even if you back up your data, you may miss out on technologies that can give you a faster, more efficient data protection strategy.
This article is the fourth in a series of five articles addressing creation and maintenance of simple, effective, data protection service-level-agreements (SLAs).

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