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DWV (drain-waste-vent)

The section of a plumbing system that carries water and sewer gases out of a home.

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Our case of DWV is an infant prenatally exposed to a drug combination including ARVs, but not efavirenz.
The creation of a comprehensive and economical infrastructure is an important condition for the introduction of hydrogen fuel road traffic," said DWV.
Using a Dual Test Kit[TM] and Hubsett[TM] Test Coupling is the best way for a plumbing contractor to fill, test, repair and drain any new DWV system.
Suono's proprietary DWC-APHEX circuitry, developed by APHEX Systems for DWV, and used for the first time in a consumer product, makes recorded music more "alive.
Each of its two channels hosts eight three-inch DWV carbon-fiber, high-performance low-to-midrange woofers, and one 1.
Launches SaniTite Sanitary Sewer Pipe II-25ADS Inc Unveils N-12 Low Head Pipe II-25J-M Manufacturing Introduces New Technological Innovation inJoint Restrains II-25DelStar Technologies Augments PEEK Coretec (TM) Plastic Tubingand Pipes II-26Harvel Unveils HydroKing CPVC Plumbing Pipe II-26CPI Introduces Industry-First PEX Icemaker Tubing II-26NewAge Industries Offers Clear-40 PVC pipe II-26IPEX Introduces World's First Uncoated PVC DWV Piping System II-26Showa Denko Develops Drainage Pipes with Used Plastic Bottles II-27Al Dhafra Unveils Innovative Pipe Range II-27Egeplast Develops Largest PVC Sewer Pipes II-27IPEX Launches PVC Pipe Viper (TM) II-27
EXTERIOR: Driveways, walkways, windows, doors, landings and stairs; gates, walls and fences; patio slabs, decks, balconies, patio covers and enclosures; roof coverings, flashings, chimneys, gutters and downspouts; electrical panel(s), lights, switches and receptacle outlets; conditions within the foundation crawl space such as moisture intrusion, support systems both concrete and wood, venting and accessible areas of the home's DWV system; siding and trim; gas, water and electrical service shut-off devices.
DWV will be paid a fee each and every time someone looks at a video.
Designing our connectors to the PCMCIA standard means they have performed successfully to robust testing requirements, such as high-speed testing, DWV, and 5,000-cycle durability," said Kirk Ulery, global market manager, Delphi Connection Systems.
Our connectors have been successfully tested to the PCMCIA standard, which includes high speed testing, DWV, and 5,000-cycle durability.
Mueller will be able to offer our customers a single source for DWV and pressure plastic fittings.