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DTC (1)

DTC (2)

Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

A clearing house that is the largest security depository and post-trade financial services company in the world. Based in New York, the DTCC settles the large majority of securities transactions in the United States, totaling $1.86 quadrillion in value in 2007. Along with its subsidiaries, the corporation provides services on mutual funds, insurance, corporate and municipal bonds, equities, mortgage- and government-backed securities, and various other derivatives. Its main competitors are Euroclear and Clearstream.


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The total operating revenue of DTC also increased to Dh1.
If stern action is not taken, especially against the men in khaki, no one will take payments to DTC seriously.
This could be due to the unreacted curatives still present in the raw DTC samples.
These interactive LCD screens have been fitted with DTC's corporate identity and they display various information about taxi fares, prices of services, events and activities organized by DTC both internally & externally, as well as services and initiatives on offer to customers.
To upgrade the level of services rendered to DTC customers, RTA took pioneering actions of introducing a number of initiatives and programmes to uplift the class of DTC services and the operational efficiency of the fleet.
Our Windtec subsidiary is ideally suited to help customers such as DTC who want to quickly begin manufacturing reliable, high-power wind energy systems in their country rather than import wind energy systems from others.
The study, conducted by Bell, Kravitz, and Wilkes (1999), reported an alarming, though not surprising, finding--few consumers understand governmental regulation of DTC advertising correctly.
The pattern continues to develop despite the controversy that swirls around DTC ads.
In all cases, the report notes that those recommendations emphasized the need for the tax system to deal in a humane and compassionate manner with Canadians with disabilities by "improving the policies and the administration of the income tax system generally--and the DTC in particular.
In fact, pharmaceutical companies hocking drugs for a sundry of ailments including diabetes, obesity, AIDS, herpes, heartburn, and erectile dysfunction have seen their bottom lines bolster through DTC advertising.
Darby"), quien anunico el nom-bramiento de Carolina Rendeiro como vicepresidente de Operaciones de DTC.