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Fitch's rating case produces an average DSCR of 1.34x over the remaining expected amortisation period for the senior debt, with a minimum of 1.27x.
A typical lender will look for a DSCR of 1.25 or better.
DSCR. Debt service coverage ratio is the amount of cash flow necessary to make the annual principle and interest payment on the debt.
A descriptive bioinformatics study was conducted in which eight gene sequences were selected localized in the DSCR of chromosome 21 between bands 21 q22.
The majority of support will be conducted at the J6RSA level, which is responsible for all DSCR employees and supportable customers.
Chavez said that DLA and DSCR benefit by the insight the forward team at Fleet Readiness Center-Southwest can provide the customer regarding DLA issues.
The number of items on DSCR's SSA long-term contracts has substantially increased over the last few years.
Under the revised Fitch rating case, projected average DSCR is 1.34x with a minimum of 1.28x until 2027.
All requisitions for compressed gases and cylinders are currently being handled by an integrated supply team within DSCR's Aviation Supplier Operations Directorate.
The non-recourse deal was underwritten on a 1.0 DSCR. Current tenants include McDonald's, H&R Block, and King Kullen.
DSCR is the primary center for supply and distribution questions.
DSCR was among 11 winners selected from nearly 200 nominations in the areas of environment management systems, pollution prevention, recycling, green product purchasing, alternative fuels, and sustainable building.