Do Not Increase

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Do Not Increase (DNI)

A restriction that an investor places on a good til' canceled order to prevent an order increase in the case of a stock dividend or stock split.

Do Not Increase

In a good til canceled order, an instruction to a broker not to increase the number of shares ordered in the event of a stock split. A stock split increases the number of shares outstanding by some stated ratio, and many brokers increase the number of shares asked or bid to compensate for this. A DNI instructs the broker not to do so.

do not increase

A directive that the number of shares in an order not be increased in the event of a stock split. The order to which such a directive is added may be either a limit order to buy stock or a stop order to sell stock.
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Since $15,000 of the $33,150 DNI is distributed to the beneficiaries, the proportion of the remainder retained by the trust to DNI determines the portion of qualified dividend income eligible for the preferential tax rates as shown in Exhibit 4.
Obama's choice as the next DNI is James Clapper, another former military officer who now serves as undersecretary of defense for intelligence.
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With a lot of weaknesses here and there, the presidential decree on DNI is much better than the preceding ones as the type of business areas are mentioned clearly that will reduce misinterpretation.
The other old rule carried over to the new regulations allows a trustee to include capital gain in DNI if the trust instrument directs the trustee to distribute the sale proceeds of certain assets (i.
The enhanced DNI vaccine was formulated with a synthetic immunostimulatory adjuvant that activates toll-like receptor 4 (TLR-4), a receptor that is important in recognition of pathogens.
Principal invasions are generally not eligible for a reallocation of principal to income, and the resulting inclusion of capital gains in DNI.